Is it possible to download the press every day?

Is it possible to download the press every day?

There are many ways to diversify your motor diet: go to the gym, ride a bike, walk a dog, play volleyball, do yoga in the club. And much, much more.

However, many are interested in whether the press can be downloaded daily. The answer to this question is no! (sorry for the spoilers).

It is important to us why this question arises, what educates a person in everyday life? It is important to explain how to work effectively with the abdominal muscles, but without extreme sports.

Why do you want to train the press daily?

The main reason people do daily workouts is the desire to achieve visible results in the shortest possible time. Which one exactly?

  • Get rid of fat around your waist, “pull” your stomach
  • Inflate the cubes, flatten your belly, relieved

None of these problems are solved by the press’s screw newspaper. These are serious goals that are viewed holistically.

How to remove the stomach

How to remove the stomach

Provided there is no excess fat in the abdomen, muscle relaxation in the abdominal region is possible. And getting rid of the latter safely and quickly will not go away. There will be no fat burning effect with daily pressing exercises!

You can only lose weight with a complex workout. When all the major muscles are processed, calorie intake increases and the fat around the working muscles, including the abdomen, melts. Try to keep it straight during any exercise.

Is it worth downloading the press every day to get rid of belly fat? Song. Successful 90% of the problem depends on proper nutrition.

How to grow cubes

How to grow cubes

In order for muscles to grow, they must not only be loaded, but also allowed to regenerate. Then a mechanism called “super compensation” works in the body. This is based on the fact that muscle fibers slightly damaged during training are restructured, but with a “margin” to withstand the increased load after lifting.

This process takes place physiologically effectively when the muscles are relaxed. On average, recovery takes 1-2 days (up to 48 hours).

What if you download the press every day? The muscle fibers will not have time to recover. When deprived of rest, they may increase randomly, at which point the increase in muscle mass in the abdomen and back will be uneven.

It threatens to thin the muscles around the spine due to the increased load. And the fact that it will not perform the “holder” function. There is a risk of one of the side effects of “overdose” from exercising, such as a curved hernia, intervertebral hernia, or dislocation.

Who and how often to train the press

Is it possible to download the daily press for girls? – No.

It is recommended that both girls and boys train more than three or four times a week, that is, every other day. There is even an opinion that the optimal way for girls to perform their function is twice a week. Indeed, you can prevent waist growth by pumping your abs for more than 10-15 minutes in a complex workout twice a week.

Is it possible to quickly pump up the press

Is it possible to quickly pump up the press

How is the press pumped? – With an exercise plan and good nutrition.

Strengthening the abdominal muscles is not a quick process. You will see the results of your efforts within 8 weeks at the latest. The most reliable way to get fast results is to seek help from a professional coach.

Get it faster. Because the program developed by the trainer optimally combines cardio and muscle training, taking into account your abilities (morphology, muscle mass, fitness level).

Be safer. The instructor will provide training techniques to eliminate the risk of injury and harm to health.

Be more efficient. Aries gives advice on how to recover, nutrition. You can be sure that you will evaluate the situation comprehensively and make progress towards your goal.