What is good about bungee fitness?

What is good about bungee fitness?

A way to improve your physical condition and feel the sensation of flying.

What is bungee fitness

The person wears a special attachment belt wrapped around the waist and hips and attached to the ceiling. Such a device allows you to easily and safely perform high jumps, free falls, twists and turns in the air.

In addition to aerial acrobatics, the bungee fitness classes include strength training and dance elements. All of this is done with energetic music.

Bungi Fitness was founded in 2016 by Babe/Bangkok Post in It’s Bungee, a Thai dance studio and became world famous in just a few years.

Why You Should Try Bungee Fitness

There are several reasons to choose weightless training.

1. To pump endurance without the risk of overloading the joints

Bungee fitness exercises are performed at moderate to high intensity and involve long movements without rest. For example, learning some elements or repeating a dance combination.

Working at a heart rate of 130-150 beats per minute improves overall endurance, improves the condition of the cardiovascular system and increases daily calorie consumption. At the same time, thanks to the flexible cable routing, there is no risk of knee or back pain.

2. To strengthen muscles

The combination of strong, numerous jumps, tunnels and lunges puts a strain on the hips, buttocks and core muscles.

Some elements include arms, chest and shoulders. For example, a “butterfly” is a rotating momentum when it is on its hands and feet, and then it flies up.

3. To improve coordination and flexibility

In a Bungie Fitness class, you not only train, you also practice in a strict sequence as part of a dance combination. It improves movement coordination, pumping motion and sense of balance.

In addition, dance and acrobatic elements improve the mobility of the joints and increase freedom of movement without additional stretching.

4. To get a charge of positive emotions

Because it has a flexible cord, it can float in the air after jumping, sliding and spinning. Of course, learning complex acrobatic elements requires some preparation, but you can already enjoy the feeling of flying in the first few minutes of the lesson.

Who Shouldn’t Do Bungee Fitness

As with any type of exercise, cannabis fitness is contraindicated. The programs of this group are not suitable for the following diseases and disorders.

Who Shouldn't Do Bungee Fitness
  • pregnancy
  • healing after cesarean section and other operations – less than 6 months
  • glaucoma
  • scoliosis, herniated disc, protrusion (in pain syndrome)
  • arrhythmias, coronary heart disease and other serious diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • respiratory diseases, especially bronchial asthma
  • phlebism
  • mental and neurological diseases, epilepsy
  • weighs more than 100 kg

If you are overweight, choose low-intensity sports to avoid damaging your heart and joints.

How to Prepare for Your First Bungee Fitness Class

Training requires sportswear and comfortable sneakers that do not restrict movement. It is also helpful to take a bottle of water and a towel with you. Bungie fitness is a cardiovascular exercise that will get you sweating.

The first exercises can be difficult because the body is not yet used to a new type of load and back rope, but it is necessary to remember the movement and hold it with high intensity.

However, anyone can get a job regardless of their level of education. Already in the first lessons you will learn the simplest elements and ties anyway and repeat them many times. As a result, you have a good cardio load and a lot of impressions.